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Shenzhen JOAN Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of MINDEO Electronics (stock code: 300656). It is a leading global supplier of products focused on intelligent data collectors and industrial automation. As a leading total solution provider, JOAN's products cover industrial handheld terminals, DWS systems (dimension, weighing and measuring system), wearable devices etc., serving global express delivery, logistics, warehousing, retail, medical for the health and other industries, we have long been committed to technology promotion and R&D in the bar code industry and RFID field. The company is located in Longhua district, Shenzhen. It has a production and R&D base covering more than 2,000 square meters. It has first-class production equipment and professional technical team. After years of development, JOAN has developed into a company integrating R&D, production, and sales of nearly 100 people, and has establis...
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A new round of online shopping and distribution peaks will arrive
2018 - 12 - 05
"A brand of Tmall flagship store resumed normal business today, special offer 100 yuan red envelope, thank you for your continued support." Yesterday morning, Miss Bai received a marketing message of an online store. The reporter called the "four links and one" five major express company hotline to learn that the relevant logistics and distribution business has been fully restored from today; the information from various online stores also shows that the accumulated goods during the Spring Festival holiday will be concentrated at the end of this month, it is expected that the new one The round of online shopping and distribution peaks is coming soon. However, with the increasingly fierce competition in online shopping, “fake and not fight” is the general trend.Because the courier wants to return home for the New Year, online shopping for the Spring Festival snoring makes many consumers who are used to online shopping are not used to it. On Taobao, many stores have s...
Forecast of the development trend of logistics industry in 2019-2025
2018 - 12 - 07
2014 is the first year of China's logistics informationization. What kind of trend will China's logistics industry develop in 2015? The following trends will be analyzed in the development trend of the logistics industry in 2015.Market space will continue to grow rapidly with the rapid development of e-commerceAt present, China's e-commerce transaction volume has surpassed that of the United States to become the world's number one. In 2015, the scale of online shopping will reach 3 trillion, and the corresponding e-commerce logistics cost is about 300 billion, while express delivery carries 80% of it. Therefore, the market space of the express delivery industry will be large.With the continuous integration of the market, the service camp of e-commerce logistics will gradually settle into three levels.The mid-to-high-end network represented by SF Express, the low-end network represented by Tongda Department and the middle layer network formed by other new express, floor-to-line distribu...
Flying Mood • Unlimited Joy
In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance communication and communication among employees, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, ease work pressure, achieve work and rest, enhance team cohesion, and reflect the company's care for the majority of employees. Therefore, the company organizes employees to carry out the sea experience activities of “floating mood and joylessness”. The company rents cruise ships, buys food and beverages, and books seafood restaurants so that everyone can enjoy delicious and enjoyable meals. At the same time, they can enjoy the sea and live up to the scenery.
2018 - 08 - 01
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