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The JOAN C9000 is used for express weighing and barcode-reading. It integrates automatic scanning code, automatic photographing, automatic weighing and automatic piece counting functions. It integrates the collected bar code and weight data through software, and automatically enters e-commerce, express delivery, logistics management system.1. Simplify the operation process, improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs2. Skilled operators can sort packages up to 3000 pieces per hour.3. Crop the corrected image and enhance the effect, save it to the local or server side4. The collected data can seamlessly interface with the customer's existing management system, multiple data transmission modes, and support custom development.
In the whole logistics operation system, the single-piece separation system will assume an increasingly important role. The core of this system is based on the present sense of control system, through the simultaneous control of dozens of narrow belt conveyor matrix to control the parcels of the far travel speed and direction, adjust the spacing, so as to realize the parcels of single-piece separation. The vision equipment adopts self-developed high-resolution intelligent camera and 3D camera to realize the rapid and accurate positioning of parcels. Due to the use of deep learning technology within the intelligent camera, in the case of sufficient samples, for standard pieces, envelopes, sacks and other types of parcels can be effectively identified and localized. In addition, the PLC dock...
The JOAN C8400 DWS all-in-one device is a collection of automatic system with dynamic weighing, volume measurement, barcode scanning, and cargo information processing functions. The system has high precision and good integration, using laser scanning, dynamic belt scale and industrial reading technology, fine processing of conveyor belt interface, suitable for high speed and high-precision weighing, counting, and decoding requirements. Being able to obtain the weight of the goods in a timely and accurate manner, volume, barcode data and real-time upload to customer data management system to help enterprises optimize logistics process.1. High speed and accuracyThe system adopts fully automatic measurement and barcode-reading technology, which can be used with high-speed conveying ...
Shenzhen Joan DWS information acquisition system, is in the goods assembly line, with a full range of visual information acquisition, automatic one-time simultaneous acquisition of goods: bar code, volume, weight, photo function, so as to achieve the role of saving labor, speed up the efficiency.1. High degree of automation: except for the barcode stained serious unrecognizable need for human intervention, the other does not require human guard.2. High barcode recognition rate: the use of advanced high-resolution intelligent camera and strong fill light form, as accurately as possible to read dirty, reflective, wrinkled, distorted and other bad barcode accuracy.3. Seamless docking with the express system: the use of dynamic link database communication, the operating interface can be fully ...
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