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日期: 2018-12-12
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Q: Open the software display volume module failed to run

A: Check if the volume camera is powered normally, and the volume camera cable is plugged and unplugged.


Q: Pure black package over-the-counter software shows volume anomaly.

A: Make sure the black wrap white side is facing up, and the color of the belt is close, poor contrast.


Q: All package volume is abnormal.

A: Make sure there is no sunlight, open remote software to take photos, maintain group contact with manufacturer.


Q: The abnormal frequency of the bag is more than 10% higher.

A: Open remote camera, maintain group contact with manufacturer.


Q: All different types of barcodes are not allowed to be displayed in the past.

A: Confirm that the getting off interface is closed and open, if it is restarting the subsystem.


Q: Individual barcodes of the same type are not allowed to enter (such as the beginning of 7000), other barcodes ok.

A: Replace the provided subsystem dynamic library file with the response directory (D drive -

yto-EXP-config), restart the subsystem.


Q: The camera is taking pictures normally, and all packages show the complement.

A: Maintain group photo feedback and turn on remote.


Q: Individual barcodes display the complement code (starting with G000).

A: Maintain group photo feedback and turn on remote.


Q: The fusion software is turned on, the device is started, and the reset is still not displayed. In normal state, the camera does not take pictures, and the package stops in the third place.

A: 1. Check if the pass-through mode is enabled.

2. Check the settings - output, whether the serial port has been changed

3. If it is a Starway device, check if the Starway software starts normally.

4. Plug and unplug the 232 serial cable

5. Group photo feedback to the manufacturer


Q: Fusion software is enabled, press reset to display normal status, over package

Wrapped, the camera does not take pictures

A: Check if the second section of the body is photoelectrically normal, and shake the photoelectric by hand, to see if flashing?



Q: Other weights such as weight anomalies when the fusion software passes the package question.

A: 1. Check if the header is displayed normally.

2. Check if the second section of the head is aligned.


Q: One of the three sets of strobe headlights is always on, and the package is always bright, display complement.

A: Maintenance group photo contact manufacturers, headlights and smart cameras must have a loss bad, in the empty time of the scene, the positioning is a camera problem or a headlight ask manufacturer to help deal with.


Q: Volume camera side indicator does not light.

A: Maintain group feedback phenomenon, check whether the volume camera 12V switching power supply is positive constant power supply.


Q: Other hardware problems, belts, timing belts, abnormal sounds, meter heads,

Display, servo, etc.

A: Please directly feedback the maintenance people, and coordinate the follow-up solution at the first time.

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