Handheld terminal used in spot inspection solution

Date: 2019-04-24
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With the development and progress of society, the requirements of management work in all walks of life are becoming more standardized, scientific and data-oriented. For example, power equipment inspection, property inspection, pipeline maintenance (oil pipelines, gas pipelines, water pipelines, etc.) as well as fire inspections, municipal inspections, etc.

The role of handheld terminals in the inspection work of various industries

  1.  Power inspection

Power equipment inspection can effectively ensure the safety of power equipment, improve the reliability of power equipment, and ensure a minimum failure rate of power equipment. The introduction of the power inspection system has completely changed many problems in the inspection work. It does not need to install any equipment on the inspection equipment and power equipment, which greatly reduces the procurement and maintenance costs of the system; effectively ensures the inspection personnel to tour. Checking the quality, improving the safety and reliability of equipment and power equipment, eliminating potential safety hazards; using wireless networks and RFID technology to achieve information management of power equipment inspection work. JOAN C50 PDA supports Dual-band Wi-Fi, 4G network, suitable for data transmission, and NFC function makes it useful in the inspection field.

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· Railway inspection

At present, the railway industry mainly implements daily management and maintenance of railway facilities through the combination of daily inspection and inspection of personnel and remote monitoring systems. The daily inspection work of railway facilities is mainly to: Develop corresponding daily inspection and maintenance intervals for different types of railway facilities and the specific work content of inspection and maintenance, that is, inspection plans. The daily inspection and maintenance personnel of the railway facilities shall complete the inspection and maintenance work within the prescribed inspection cycle according to the inspection plan, record the status and operation data of the railway facilities on site, and complete the troubleshooting requirements. The manager collects the operational status and operational data of the railway facilities collected on site, arranges maintenance of the railway facilities, and updates the status of the facilities in the ledger. And make the decision for the renewal of railway facilities and facilities, selection through the accumulation of the above data and data mining.

JOAN C43 handheld terminal supports NFC function, which is very helpful in railway inspection, handy and lightweight, strongly improve the working efficiency.

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