Date: 2018-12-13
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JOAN retail management system is mainly used in the business of retail goods shelves, shelves, goods information real-time query, cashier barcode scanning, inventory management, and other niche, facilitate timely information transmission, upload issued.

High logistics transport links speed.


Retail chain

In the era of big data, the efficient informationization management pattern has been popularized in all walks of life. For retail enterprises, how to in multifarious commodity sales, to ensure customer service experience at the same time, improve work efficiency, reduce operating costs, JOAN retail enterprises face a big challenge.

JOAN handheld PDA based on its rich and powerful performance, can easily cope with the retail industry in various fields of high strength, high frequency information data collection requirements, realization of retail industry transparency, information, and high-effectiveness of every link of enterprise management, optimize the customer service experience, enhance enterprise competitiveness.

Efficient store management can not only bring high-quality service experience to customers, but also cultivate customers' loyalty to the brand. In the store management, the staff can through the mobile handheld PDA scan labels, real-time query the information of all goods, including inventory quantity, specification, price, discount information, etc., the first time in response to customer demand, improve the work efficiency and accuracy of the operation.


Accurate and efficient inventory management is the key to ensure sufficient supply of supply. The traditional inventory management, through the way of manual records, manual sorting, low efficiency, high error rate, managers can't immediately understand the inventory information, often leads to unsalable goods, or the best selling goods in short supply, seriously affect the enterprise the management benefit, and based on JOAN hand-held barcode and RFID technology application, will be perfect to solve the above problems.

In in-out warehouse operations, staff need to use JOAN handheld PDA, bar code scanning goods, loading and unloading goods can be quickly and conveniently to be registered, sorting, statistics, such as operation, and automatically upload information to the database system, eliminates the secondary computer input, significantly improve the efficiency; When making stock, the staff can also through the integration of uhf circular polarization functions handheld PDA for the batch of inventory goods, once read a large number of label information, before more than a few hours to complete the inventory work, now single for a few minutes to complete, improved the working efficiency of the inventory; And managers through the backstage system, can easily obtain real-time dynamic inventory information, timely and efficient distribution plan, optimize the distribution of the inventory goods, always ensure sufficient supply of our best selling items.

In the link of logistics distribution, through JOAN handheld PDA applications, which can realize intelligent picking, checking, receiving operations, such as the entire process is more concise and smooth, significantly enhance logistics efficiency. And hand-held automatic for every order from the sorting, outbound to the distribution of the entire process to keep a record of key information sharing to management system, also can provide users with the logistics tracking information query service, further to provide users with more high-quality service experience.

Whether it is the application of different work areas such as store management, inventory inventory and retail logistics, or the demand of high intensity data processing during peak business hours, JOAN can be applied perfectly. Currently, JOAN has been widely used in the retail industry, not only effectively help retail enterprises to improve the management efficiency, reduce the operating cost, optimize the service quality, and customer experience significantly increased and the enterprise image.

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