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Single piece separator

上市日期: 2023-09-20
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In the whole logistics operation system, the single-piece separation system will assume an increasingly important role. The core of this system is based on the present sense of control system, through the simultaneous control of dozens of narrow belt conveyor matrix to control the parcels of the far travel speed and direction, adjust the spacing, so as to realize the parcels of single-piece separation. The vision equipment adopts self-developed high-resolution intelligent camera and 3D camera to realize the rapid and accurate positioning of parcels. Due to the use of deep learning technology within the intelligent camera, in the case of sufficient samples, for standard pieces, envelopes, sacks and other types of parcels can be effectively identified and localized. In addition, the PLC docking protocol between the system and the separator can use the protocol of Haikang Dingwen or other third-party protocols.

1. fast and efficient: dense express disorderly arrangement, operational efficiency up to 4000-7000 pieces / hour

2. accurate positioning: using deep learning parcel positioning technology, combined with 3D contouring information, can realize the accurate positioning of a variety of sizes and types of fasteners, robustness.

3. scientific scheduling: considering a variety of application scenarios, according to the characteristics of the scene can be adjusted to the control strategy and separation spacing, and the performance of the separator adaptability, program flexibility: vision program can be flexibly adjusted according to the length of the separator, parcel size upper and lower limits, etc.

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depth of field500mm
Conveyor size1000mmx600mm
Package Size150mmX150mmX100mm-400mmx30
Data Acquisition Time0.05s
Line speed1.5m/s
efficiency4000 pieces/hour
operating temperature30~40C
input voltage220V/50HZ
Equipment SizeL1500mm-W1200mm-H2000mm
Module Size0mmx300mm0.05s

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