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JOAN provides a variety of solutions for customers to help streamline business operations and increase efficiency and productivity, it span every aspect of customers’ operation, including pickup and delivery, handling, Cargo tracking, warehousing. This solution utilize rugged mobile computers with powerful wireless connectivity to help mobilize any workforce.



1. Order by handheld terminal input and Bluetooth print. Scanning the barcode on the completed document by handheld terminal, enter the cargo information such as weight, volume, attributes, address, and other basic information, printing barcode by Bluetooth printer and paste on the goods, Providing a data base for the operation of goods.


2. Scanning the barcode on the document by the handheld terminal when pickup, the information will be sent to the courier company backstage information Processing system by the GPRS, the serve can confirm the information in real time.  only with the handheld terminal information comparison, you can timely understand the loading of each car, make sure the pieces are not missing.

 Transportation & Logistics



When the goods arrive at the transit center, Joan DWS All-in-one automatically carries out barcode scanning, weighing, measuring volume and physical image acquisition of the parcel, the average speed for identification can be controlled by adjusting the belt speed, the fastest speed can reach 80 votes/min, greatly improve the Logistics Express distribution Center and site work efficiency, effectively reduce costs.


 Transportation & Logistics


Cargo tracking

By using a handheld terminal to scan the goods on the label, store cargo information, arrive at the transit center, through the WiFi network real-time upload, grasp the accurate direction of the goods.



1. The dispatch center sends the task to the driver's handheld terminal, the driver according to the task instructions to hook up the designated trailer, scan the tractor head barcode and Trailer Barcode, form the exit record and upload to the logistics management system.

2. hanging operation: According to the dispatch center sent to the handheld Terminal task instructions, the trailer dragged to the designated location, scanning tractor barcode and trailer bar code, unbind, photo forensics to complete the hanging.

All delivery vehicles are in direct contact with the central server to understand the status of the goods, delivery times, route changes, real-time invoicing and GPS location of Bluetooth connected vehicles.


Warehousing and Distribution

User can connect a handheld terminal PDA to the wireless network, scan the barcode on cargo by warehousing Logistics Management APP, will be inbound and outbound real-time upload to the server.

in the warehouse which wireless network coverage is not good, user can also use inventory mode to upload and collation.

 Transportation & Logistics

For logistics and transportation applications, ensuring goods delivered on time and in a transparent environment are the key factors to success. JOAN made strong products collection for these environments with features like wireless connectivity, easy to use design, sunlight readable LCD screens and improved keypads.

Whether in-store, in-truck or in-hand, JOAN mobile computers will help improve accuracy and productivity for operating, cutting costs and increase efficiency.

JOAN solutions allow users to update data in real time and feature mobile phone capability, cameras and bar code scanners, minimizing the number of devices workers need to carry.

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